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This is the home of the CD Autism Facts Sheet, which tries to objectively present known facts about the protocol developed by Kerri Rivera to help children suffering from Autism.

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References (Version 18)

Due to space limitations, references to the CD Autism Facts Sheet are located below.  They will be kept up-to-date and in sync with the facts sheet itself.

5. See page 27, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, 2nd Ed., by Kerri Rivera.
13. Video Testimonials by parents who have used the CDAutism protocol:
Other testimonials:
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29. The following is taken from Environmentally Benign Approaches for Pulp Bleaching“An industrial oxygen-delignified hardwood (mainly eucalyptus) kraft pulp (HOKP) and partially bleached industrial pulp by D (EO) sequence (HPBKP) were used. The pulps were subjected to chlorine dioxide bleaching in various conditions. In mill A normal HotD stage was carried out with HOPK, while in mill B, modified HotD stage was used. The bleaching condition in the the normal HotD stage was 90° C for 3.2 hr using 10-12 kg chlorine dioxide per o.d. ton of pulp, while bleaching condition in the modified HotD stage was 90° for 3 hr using 5-8kg of chlorine dioxide per o.d. ton of pulp.

Note: Emphasis is the author’s.

Let’s take the lowest figure here to get another perspective: 5kg of chlorine dioxide to bleach one ton of pulp. So to “bleach” an 80kg man you would need to drink .44 kilograms of chlorine dioxide. 440,000 milligrams. A 3-drop dose of CD equals approximately 20mg of chlorine dioxide.  You would need over 22,000 times the amount of chlorine dioxide used in an average dose of chlorine dioxide to actually “bleach,” per the standards commonly used by industry, using the lowest possible amount; 5 kg of CD needed to bleach 1 ton of pulp.

1 ton = 907kg
1 man = 80kg
907/80 = 11.33
5 kilos/11.33 = .44kg
.44kg = 440,000 mg
440,000mg /20mg = 22,000m

A 3-drop dose of CD is approximately 22,000 times weaker than the concentration required by industry to bleach a man’s weight in pulp.

30. A history of Medicine, by Henry Ernest Sigerist, book, Oxford University Press, 1987


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Anti-inflammatory formulations for inflammatory diseases
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Method and composition for prevention and treatment of oral disease
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Chlorite in the treatment of neurodegenerative disease
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Chlorine dioxide based gum and candy
Inventors:  Heinz Peter Plaumann & Christopher R. Castellano
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109. Patent US5877222
Inhibiting tumor necrosis factor by administering stabilized, activated oxygen in chlorite matrix
Inventor:  Michael S. McGrath
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Abstract:  The invention comprises inhibiting expression of TNF-α by administering an effective amount of a stabilized activated oxygen in a matrix of chlorite ions. Preferably, a pharmaceutically acceptable formulation of tetrachlorodecaoxide is used, and more preferably, WF-10. An effective amount of WF-10 comprises up to about 0.5 ml/kg. Another embodiment of the invention is a method of treating AIDS-associated dementia comprising the step of administering to a human an amount of a stabilized activated oxygen in a matrix of chlorite ions sufficient to inhibit production of TNF-α.
110. Patent US5252343
Infusing into mammary gland an isotonic solution of chlorine dioxide and carriers
Inventor:  Robert D. Kross
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