The Idea behind the Facts Sheet Project

There are many controversial and often complex topics that people talk about that require facts to backup an argument.  In most cases, the discussion ends without really being able to give the other person a good starting point to explore whatever topic further.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an easily reproduced sheet of  paper that covers the most important aspects of the topic?  A paper that can be put on a bulletin board.  A paper that can be handed out.  A paper that gets the word out… world-wide.

That’s the idea behind the Facts Sheet Project.

The Design of a Facts Sheet

The design of a facts sheet has specific features we try to adhere to.  They include:

  • Highlights of the most important points and most commonly asked questions.
  • Someone receiving a facts sheet should be able to use it as a jumping off point for further personal research.
  • Standard PDF file format.
  • Simple, easy to read fonts.
  • Two pages max so all information fits on one double-sided letter size page.
  • References to backup the information presented.
  • ONE permanent link that is updated as the facts sheet evolves and improves or as corrections are made.
  • The version of the updates can easily be seen by looking at the bottom of the second page where a version number and date are shown.  It is clear when the facts sheet was last updated.

We suggest people who are interested in the topic to carry a handful of copies with them at all times.  If they run into someone that might be interested in the topic, then the sheet can be easily shared.

This project is not limited to any one particular topic.